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Birdwatching in the Port Macquarie and Hastings Region of NSW, Australia

Please report any unusual sightings to

25/11/2018 - Buff-breasted Sandpiper a mega rarity seen at Boyters Lane,Jerseyville. It is with Sharp-tailed Sandpipers at the last                      muddy pond on the left before the house.

22/07/2018 - Regent Honeyeater briefly seen & photographed at Old Bar beach access at 2nd carpark on Mudbishops Point Rd, Old Bar.
                     Musk Duck- A female is currently present at Cattai Wetlands, Coopernook.

13/06/2018 - Whiskered Tern at Rosendahl Dam, end of Clearwater Crescent, Port Macquarie.

12/06/2018 - Red-necked Avocet sighted at Boyters Lane, Jerseyville. Very uncommon to this region.

11/06/2018 - The Red-backed Kingfisher continues to be seen on powerlines near 595 Belmore River Right Bank Rd and 564 Belmore River Left Bank Rd, just north of the weir.

29/05/2018 - Red-backed Kingfisher sighted along Belmore River Right Bank Rd approximately 6km from SW Rocks Rd junction, Gladstone.

17/05/2018 - There is currently an influx of Swift Parrots in the Hastings Region with several sightings around Port Macquarie. These small parrots are critically endangered. They are residents of Tasmania and each autumn/winter they undertake an arduous migration across Bass Strait to the east coast of NSW, returning to Tasmania in the spring to breed. They tend to congregate where Rainbow and Musk Lorikeets are feeding in flowering eucalypts although the Swift Parrots have a preference for lerps. In the next few days and weeks, Hastings Birdwatchers will be conducting surveys to look for these birds as well as the critically endangered Regent Honeyeater. However, should YOU see either of these two species, please would you contact Ken Monson 0435 566 390 or email with the number of birds seen and their location

Swift Parrot Swift Parrot Regent Honeyeater

All photos courtesy of Liam Murphy